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WINS For Life is pleased to offer this new service:

Life Enhancement Coaching

Along the ongoing journey of personal development we are naturally confronted with obstacles & challenges. We all encounter difficult phases in our life. This can include feeling stuck, unproductive, stagnant, stressed, anxious, confused or even hopeless. Typically the need is to acquire a new perspective, strategies, or
guidance to help lead us to a path of productivity with a recharged purpose and an effective mindset. WINS For Life provides the type of consulting, counseling and mentoring that helps others take the action needed to pursue the changes that are desired. Everyone needs support. We are here to provide it - on your terms.  
Please Inquire about our Life Coaching services:

David Vasquenza, 860-645-1934 (office),  

What are the changes in your life that you want to make? 
"Now is a perfect time to pursue what you want & obtain what you seek"
* free 20-minute phone introduction & consultation 
  * rates to fit your budget   * phone or zoom sessions  * flexible schedule
Action Changes Things | Larry J Barker
Services include: Personalized Action Plan, Accountability Chart & Progress Assessment Log

Shifting your Mindset & Elevating Mental Strength

* Aligning Goals to Commitment & Consistency

* Pursuing your Purpose, Passion & Dreams 

* Activating Ambition & Deactivating Fears

* Unsabbotage Yourself & Move Forward 

* Establishing Structure & Winning Habits

* Parenting while Taking Care of Yourself

* Career Management & Job Fullfillment

* Managing Adversity, Stress & Change

* Linking your Values with Balance


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 Be a Warrior, Not a Worrier  ~  The Harder we Work, the Luckier we Get  ~  The shortest Answer is Doing  

You have to start somewhere - and you DO have to start!