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After School Basketball program at Star Hill (Tolland)


Friday's: 9/26 - 10/24  (5 weeks)

boys & girls (grades 6-8): 4:00pm-5:25pm

boys & girls (grades 3-5): 5:30pm-6:45pm 

Fee:  $100 (Star Hill members)  

  $115 (non-members)  

Register at: starhillsports.com 


additional programs we offer are listed below



WINS For Life


After School Programs




Developing leaders begins with developing the individual.

WINS For Life teaches students to be independent and interdependent.

WINS For Life empowers students to pursue and achieve their personal best.



Developing Leaders is what we do. Here is how we do it:



 Band of Leaders: This experience is for students who desire to explore the leader within them. Leadership building skills and team building exercises are the staple during this three class series. Participants become more connected to their values, ethics, character, and abilities. Leadership concepts and related topics are explored, including: courage, accountability, communication, trust, and self discipline. Ages 10-12, 12-14, 14-16.

 Self Graduation: Single class or series of classes. The objective is to serve as a “change agent” in leading students towards improvement in academic and personal achievement. Self Graduation provides an effective approach to help students get focused, become more productive, exceed their personal expectations, and graduate to better habits. Topics include: accountability, time management, problem solving and self reliance.

 Your Team For Self Esteem: The foundation of this educational series is personal development and the working relationships between self, family, community and school. Objectives are to enhance the skills and awareness of personal growth via activities that teach independence and interdependence. Students learn via a variety of presentations and teaching methods. Classes are interactive and fun; enhanced by music, skits, mini-lectures, contests, writing exercises & homework challenges. Group size is variable (small or large group).


Incorporating Basketball


 Hip, Happy, Hoops: Fun, Fun, Fun!  Available for all age groups! During all the fun, students will learn a variety of interpersonal skills and life lessons while developing their over-all basketball skills. These classes are progressive teaching events (skill building). 

 Full Court Victories: This is a serious opportunity for basketball students who need to “turn it around” or “stay on the right track”. Basketball is the center piece to these unique clinics, as it is the passion of every participant. Classroom meets Court in this no-nonsense approach to improvements for personal responsibility, academic achievement, and athletic success. Students will work in the classroom & the gym. Ages: 10-13, 14-17.


Rates are variable: based on number of classes, students & location.

Class content is determined by the age group: 8-10, 10-12, 12-14, 14-16.



WINS For Life, LLC:  David Vasquenza, P.O. Box 8396,  Manchester, CT. 06042-8396phone: (860) 645-1934     fax: (860) 643-5172     web: www.wins4life.com    email: wins4life@cox.net