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WINS For Life workshops
(Professional Development, Staff Training & Team Building)

Significant Benefits: Professionally & Personally!

~ Invaluable Content ~ Motivational Lessons ~ Meaningful Experiences ~ Fun ways to Learn  
WINS For Life workshops are frequently used by:
  * Schools, Day Cares, and Child Care providers for professional development & staff training hours. 
  *  Businesses, Companies & Organizations seeking improved employee performance and morale. 
  * Recreation Departments for summer staff training and motivational team building seminars.
  * After School programs for staff development and team building workshops.

   Each workshop includes:
   * W4L Resource workbook
   * Strategies guide 
   * Interactive outline 
   * certificate of completion
Workshop Summaries
    (ID1: 2.5-hour workshop, can be condensed to two-hours)
   A fun, interactive, and comprehensive team building experience that provides principals, tools, strategies, activities, 
   and solutions for a more effective work environment. Focus areas: Team harmony, individual & group performance, 
   professionalism, customer service, quality interactions, awareness & accountability, effective communication, countering
   adversity, intellectual responses, work-place relationships & managing work scenarios with useful strategies. (I&II: 4-hrs total)

What's Next?!: 
   Responding to adversity, challenge, crisis and conflict with a systematic, intellectual approach.  1.5-hours
   The Role Model Series:
   Role Model 101
   The Role Model series offers highly regarded workshops that empower participants personally and professionally. 
   Activities, techniques, and strategies are provided to improve leadership and teaching skills for working with 
   children of all ages. Multiple benefits in this very informative, motivational and fun learning experience.
   The WINS For Life building blocks are featured.   
Role Model 102:
   An essential overview of Role Model 101, including an expansion of previous topics. Introduction to new material 
   and 36 strategies for more effective management, teaching, leadership and personal empowerment.   2-hours 

   Role Model 200:
New child care and leadership topics. Activities and lessons to reinforce the Role Model tools, techniques, strategies.  
   Role Model 300: 
Culmination of Role Model Series, includes power point, additional strategies, and fun surprises.  2.5-hours

   Special Deeds for Special Needs I & II:
Information and effective methods to teach, interact and assist those with special needs. Covers time-line history of
   human services, including an overview of Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, Prader-Willi Syndrome. 
   Workshop includes a powerful video. 2-hours (4 total)
Team Parenting I & II:
    It requires a team effort when educating young people. Child care staff and parents will gain mutual benefits in this 
    workshop to enhance communication, harmony community effort & positive results.  1.5-hours (3 total)    
   University of Diversity:
   The cultural balance of accepting, connecting and educating others in a world of diversity.  2-hours

  * All workshops include the WINS For Life resource work book, course outline, and certificate of completion.